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Anti-Freeze Coolant: Keep Your Engine Running

11 May 2023
Anti-Freeze Coolant: Keep Your Engine Running - Icon Plus International


The ideal option for defending your engine against high temperatures, corrosion, cylinder liner cavitation, freezing, and boiling is ICON PLUS ANTI-FREEZE COOLANT. This premium coolant offers the greatest level of protection to regulate your engine’s temperature and keep it constant.

Heat Transfer and Protection Against Corrosion

Excellent heat transfer is provided with ICON PLUS ANTI-FREEZE COOLANT, keeping your engine running smoothly even in sweltering conditions. Moreover, it offers great protection against corrosion, assisting in avoiding long-term engine damage.

Protection Against Cylinder Liner Cavitation

Cylinder liner cavitation is a common thing in engines and can over time cause significant harm. In order to keep your engine running smoothly and in good condition, ICON PLUS ANTI-FREEZE COOLANT provides defense against this problem.

Freezing and Boiling Protection

In addition to offering defence against freezing and boiling, ICON PLUS ANTI-FREEZE COOLANT helps keep your engine operating smoothly under all circumstances. In order to keep the engine block at an even operating temperature when the outside temperature changes from hot to cold, coolant is pumped throughout the engine block.

Maximum Protection for Your Engine

ICON PLUS ANTI-FREEZE COOLANT: Keep Your Engine Running Smoothly

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