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Microfibre Cloth: Perfect Cleaning For Any Surface

11 May 2023
Microfibre Cloth: Perfect Cleaning For Any Surface - Icon Plus International

Looking for a cleaning solution that’s tough on dirt, yet gentle on surfaces? Look no further than the Icon Plus Microfiber Cloth! Made from synthetic fibers finer than one denier or decanted/thread, this cloth is designed to trap dirt, grease, and dust with ease.

With 90,000 fibers per inch, the Icon Plus Microfiber Cloth can hold up to eight times its weight in liquid, making it perfect for cleaning up spills and messes around the house. And when it comes time to dry down paintwork, the safe and effective power of microfiber ensures a smooth, streak-free finish.

To get the most out of your Icon Plus Microfiber Cloth, be sure to use only one section of the cloth at a time. Simply fold the cloth in half, then in half again, and start cleaning. For dusting, leave the cloth dry. And when the cloth starts to leave behind dirt or lint, simply re-fold to a fresh section.

Whether you’re cleaning your home or your car, the Icon Plus Microfiber Cloth is the perfect cleaning solution for any surface. So why wait? Add one to your cleaning kit today and experience the cleaning power of microfiber for yourself!

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