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Shine of your car with the Icon Plus 6-in-1 Car Care Bundle.

02 Apr 2024
Shine of your car with the Icon Plus 6-in-1 Car Care Bundle.

This Eid, enhance the shine of your car with the Icon Plus 6-in-1 Car Care Bundle.


It's time to make sure your automobile is ready to shine brightly while you celebrate in style, since Eid festivities are quickly approaching. The Icon Plus Eid Car Care Bundle is a comprehensive 6-in-1 solution that has been painstakingly created to protect your vehicle from wear and tear and revitalize its appearance. This package includes all the necessary items to give your automobile the proper upkeep, from foam cleaning to dashboard polishing and everything in between.

  1. Foam Cleaner

The Icon Plus Foam Cleaner is a great way to get your car clean; it is made specifically to remove grease, filth, and grime off the outside of your car. Its strong foaming action penetrates deeply into the surface, easily removing tough stains and leaving a brilliant shine in its wake.

  1. Dashboard Polished:

Use the Icon Plus Dashboard Polish to give your dashboard a makeover. This polish, which is designed to revitalize and shield all kinds of dashboards, brings back the luster of your interior surfaces and offers durable UV protection. Bid adieu to fading and dingy dashboards and welcome to showroom-quality brilliance.

  1. Shiny Wipes:

Use the Icon Plus Shiny Wipes for on-the-go, fast touch-ups. These handy wipes, infused with a specially formulated solution, instantly clean and shine the surfaces of your automobile. These wipes are your go-to option for keeping your car looking immaculate, whether you're cleaning off fingerprints from your windows or quickly shining your rims.

  1. Shiny Protectant:

With the Icon Plus Shiny Protectant, you can get a glossy look that lasts. This spray is designed to protect your car's paint from dirt, water, and UV radiation while also enhancing its shine. To achieve a streak-free finish that will make your car shine in the Eid sun, just spray and wipe for a flawless surface that will reflect the Eid sun off of your automobile.

  1. Anti Rust Lubricant Spray 

Icon Plus Anti-Rust Treatment protects your car against rust and corrosion. This treatment, which is made with cutting-edge rust inhibitors, penetrates deeply into metal surfaces to fend off oxidation and corrosion and maintain the immaculate appearance of your car for years to come.

  1.  Microfiber cloth

A premium microfiber cloth is essential for any car care regimen, and the Icon Plus bundle comes with one for your convenience. This incredibly soft and absorbent cloth is perfect for drying and polishing the surfaces of your automobile to a perfect sheen without leaving any scratches or streaks.

With the Icon Plus Eid Car Care Bundle, you can give your car the luxurious treatment it deserves this Eid. From foam cleaning to rust protection, this comprehensive bundle provides everything you need to keep your car looking its best all year round. So why wait? Treat your car to the ultimate pampering session and get ready to turn heads wherever you go this Eid.

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